​What is KOLIC?

The first Korean Language International Debate Championships (KOLIC) is a venue of communication where Korean-speaking university students from all over the world can gather to discuss current affairs and exchange culture through the Korean language. Leading global leaders from all over the world will gather to form an open community that communicates and competes with each other, laying the foundation for a continuous network of cultural and academic exchanges

between Korean and overseas university students using Korean as a medium.


The Korean Language International Debate Championship (KOLIC), which was scheduled to be hosted at the end of 2021, with the support of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, has been temporarily postponed due to the

spread of COVID-19, and now aims to be held in the second half of 2022.

Debate Korea has deeply sympathized with the reality of English being a big entry barrier in participating parliamentary debate and has continuously considered ways to overcome it. In order to create a forum where participants can compete solely with their logic beyond cultural and language barriers, we adopted Korean parliamentary debate format and

we are planning to create a new debate community centered to Korea through the 1st KOLIC.


KOLIC is a groundbreaking opportunity for global youth to develop critical thinking and logical communication skills by debating upon international issues. Amid the rapidly changing global situation, such as conflict, division, and uncertainty caused by infectious diseases, it will also provide a platform for discussions, where true harmony would exist. 


Global thought leaders from all over the world will gather to form an open community where dialogue and competition takes place, thereby laying the foundation for a continuous cultural and academic exchange network between Korean and overseas youth through Korean. In addition, it is expected to expand the distribution of Korean language by raising interest in Korea and Korean language to youth overseas, such as ASEAN.